Monday, April 6, 2015

Right to Fall from Grace

Right to Fall from Grace

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Every person who enjoys a social statue earned by years of labor is always scared of society. He does not want to fall in the eyes of society. The society is conservatives, thrives on tradition and laws of puritans is its backbone. So you can never expect society to be "open minded", pragmatic, revolutionary and ahead of its Time. They do not change their rules easily. So they do not appreciate your falling from grace. Shakespeare in his sonnet 94 says-
"But if that flower with base infection meet
The basest weed outbraves his dignity"
The sin was committed when forbidden fruit was eaten and repercussions are still faced by the innocents for doing what they think is right. Even that society is not in the making which would permit an honest person to fall from grace without feeling guilty, insulted and conscious of it.
It needs braveness on the part of society to society in permitting people to fall from graces with dignity. Unfortunately, society is a bundle of callous, redundant and imbecile minds who collectively form a collective conscience, which is their mirror image, illuminated manifolds.
Those who do not want to follow the dictum of society are labeled as epicureans, and put in a prison of isolation or in the company of the same types like criminals or quarantined to save the honorable members of society from contamination.

Right of Dead to decent Burial

On the other hand same society has forgotten the age old Right of dead to decent burial. We are not talking the deads of a commoner, though it is debatable if the dead body of a king is superior to the dead body of a pauper, even many dignities were subjected to disgrace which brings shame to the whole humanity. The dead bodies of Saddam Husain or Osama Bin Laden were subjected to so much harsh treatment that one would wonder how much civilized we are.
In Shakespeare's famous play Julius Caesar, Octavius says
"According to his virtue, let us use him
With all respect and rites of burial"
What made him think like that. He could have easily thrown the dead body of Brutus in the Mediterranean unceremoniously. Can a dead body be an enemy of anybody?

"The leaves of Grass" are being crushed by those who were supposed to protect it. What is their hope after this destruction? 

© Vipin Behari Goyal

Author of  World is Conical

Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Hybrid Woman

Who is their Role Model

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All movement for woman's liberty, equality and feminism have led to the emergence of New Women who is for all practical purposes a hybrid women.

When someone is stranded in the marsh, all efforts to survive drag him/her deepest in pluff mud.

This paradoxical situation does not stop a person from making efforts unless some rescuer yells from the bank to stop making efforts and the subconscious mind acknowledges the possibility of survival.

There is no doubt that both the genders were bruised while walking shoulder to shoulder. The going got tough and the cost was born by society on the whole. But it helped to draw a conclusion “Women are the superior gender than men”.

Read a part of the act from the famous play ‘The Way of the World’ by William Congreve (1670-1729). The context is a marriage proposal between Mirabell and Milament,

Have you any more conditions to offer? Hitherto your demands are pretty reasonable.

Trifles; as liberty to pay and receive visits to and from whom I please; to write and receive letters, without interrogatories or wry faces on your part; to wear what I please, and choose conversation with regard only to my own taste; to have no obligation upon me to converse with wits that I don’t like, because they are your acquaintance, or to be intimate with fools, because they may be your relations. Come to dinner when I please, dine in my dressing- room when I’m out of humour, without giving a reason. To have my closet inviolate; to be sole empress of my tea-table, which you must never presume to approach without first asking leave. And lastly, wherever I am, you shall always knock at the door before you come in.”

If women had an identity crisis three hundred years back(the play was published in the year 1700, when as always society was undergoing a transformation (restoration age), and women were sick of men (as always ), who took women for granted after marriage, they still are no way different and thus  justify the title “The Way of the World”.

When women were under the process of making (remember One is not born rather becomes a woman ~ Simone De Beauvoir) the society conspires to sow the seeds of inferiority complex in the subconscious mind of women and takes the yield of her conflicts. The women herself start enjoying the game and becomes sadomasochist.

Interestingly, the overlapping of the spheres of Psychological dimensions of the women are not in conflict with males but other females.

Some women are always smart enough to understand any effort made to scare them and plant seeds of inferiority complex and retort back.

In Hamlet Act 1 scene III Laertes say to her sister Ophelia

Fear it, Ophelia, fear it, my dear sister,
And keep you in the rear of your affection,
Out of the shot and danger of desire.
The chariest maid is prodigal enough,
If she unmask her beauty to the moon:
Virtue itself 'scapes not calumnious strokes:
The canker galls the infants of the spring,
Too oft before their buttons be disclosed,
And in the morn and liquid dew of youth
Contagious blastments are most imminent.
Be wary then; best safety lies in fear:
Youth to itself rebels, though none else near.

Ophelia refuses to be intimidated:

I shall the effect of this good lesson keep,
As watchman to my heart. But, good my brother,
Do not, as some ungracious pastors do,
Show me the steep and thorny way to heaven;
Whiles, like a puff'd and reckless libertine,
Himself the primrose path of dalliance treads,
And recks not his own rede.

Ophelia and Millament are just two examples. The real life situations are full of women who refuse to accept a Hybrid Role Model designed by Chauvinistic Patriarchal society. 

© Vipin Behari Goyal

Author of  World is Conical

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Post Colonial Literature ~ a misnomer

Us Versus Them

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Whosoever  is responsible for coining this misnomer term has fulfilled his own objective of dividing culture of many nations into  Colonial and Post Colonial eras, in terms of a historical event that would ever remind the oppressed of their humiliating past. For political and economic purposes it could have been tolerable, but for art and literature it is sheer absurd. The word was easily picked up by West who have unlimited craving for establishing their superiority over the rest of the world.

No such distinction has been made for Second World War. It was a major event that divided history in two parts. So far as literature is concerned, it was termed  "Postmodern Literature" that was based on narrative techniques and style. And not on any historical or political event.

The cover page of Edward Said's book 'Orientalism' shows naked butt of a teenage boy who is a snake charmer. It is funny that how the westerners are so overwhelmed by snake charmers of India. Due to humid subtropical climate of India and dense forest snakes were part of the vast biodiversity of India. Being an environmentalist since ancient time Indians did not kill snakes, rather they worshipped them. It was found that snakes dance to the tune of special musical instrument called Been and can be captured easily once they are hypnotized by snake charmers. So whenever snakes encroached in human territories of urban area, they were caught and deported back to their natural habitat. So what's the big deal about it?

Black Skin White Mask (1952) written by Franz Fanon is a good attempt to understand the black people specially who move upward in the white dominated society and start wearing a white mask even when they go to sleep. One day they forget their original face and become a distorted version of Homo Sapiens. Any  person would behave strangely when subjected to all together different culture, and when whole race undergoes certain similar experiences it may lead to form a Collective Unconsciousness. The psychoanalysis can only play a small important role in determining and understanding the behavioral pattern of such race.

Bharati Mukherjee,   RK Narayan, Mahashweta Devi, Anita Desai, Arundhati Roy and Jhumpa Lahiri are some of the Indian writers who are labeled as post colonial writers.

Some defects in the dogma of Post Colonial Literature are mentioned here.

1. Loss of Identity : One of the popular belief is that 'native' suffered from loss of identity once they were decolonized. The literature created in languages other than English is not dominated by this subject. Very few writers wrote in English but either they did not live in colony or did not have firsthand experience of  colonial and postcolonial life.

2. Cultural Erosion: We can also call it cultural enrichment. This has happened in East as well as West. The history of English literature in Britain  from Anglo-Latin to late modernism and twenty first century literature shows their enrichment.

3. Value-Shift: Shifting of values is a constant phenomenon in any society. There could be difference of opinion on the issue whether values went up or down during certain time period. If we go by thumb rule that change is always good, the shift in values was imminent weather it was colony or not. The same shift happened in many other countries who were not colony at that time.

4. Us Versus Them: It is alleged that colonizer countries discarded everything that pertained to the culture of Colony and imposed their superiority. It is also said that despite the fact that many decolonized  countries continued to be dominated by their colonizers politically, economically and culturally. It needs to be analyzed with open mind and paradigm shift. The superpowers of the world have always dominated rest of the world. Out of 192 counties of the World how many countries have economic, political and cultural sovereignty. Since World is Conical there is always tug of war between Us and Them.

5. Inferiority Complex: Eurocentric Universalism takes for granted the superiority   of West and inferiority of East. This argument is also not tenable. Many Europeans like Max Muller, Schopenhauer, Sir John Woodruffs were highly impressed by Easter Culture. Many are still of the view that India would be World Guru in 21 Century and would lead the World from "Darkness to the Light". 

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Why Amartya Sen wants to quit Nalanda University

To Be or Not To Be

Any academicians when he Heads the institution, whether educational or not, undergoes an intellectual dilemma to prove his excellence in converting a vision into reality. His mind is conditioned to focus on micro issues and not on solving the riddles created by  nexus between bureaucrats and politicians.

If that person is an academician by chance or by manipulation he would find ways to circumvent and fulfill personal ambitions while pampering inflated egos of powerful touts.

But a true academician would truly feel relieved when the top brass who neither have any understanding or practical experience to run an institution of Higher Education of international stature would spend hours, days, weeks and months to take a decision on the issue on which some of the best brains of the world have opinioned anonymously.
This is not unfortunate, we had been doing it for last 68 years  shamelessly, and being head of a whole redundant fleet of the executives we are able to send a message to this rotten white elephant to go as slow as possible. The unfortunate part is making a mess of the whole situation and not allowing any honorable retreat.

This reflects on the value system of the whole society. The selfish motives, the vested political interest and a false pride dominate the voice of conscience. The fiscal aspect overshadows ultimate aim of the welfare of mankind. The Bureaucrats are baffled by a handsome package of salary offered to higher dignities to run the university  in the best possible manner and want to avenge by letting them down at every possible opportunity.

The scholars are more sentimental than anybody else. They know their genius is an Act of God. So, they want to serve their country. They sacrifice best offers, best working conditions, unlimited financial grant at their disposal which would only need a two line certificate from them that the grant has been used for public purposes. They opt for assignment to serve their motherland, despite the warnings of the peers and  well-wishers. While silently and meticulously they fulfills their long cherished dreams, they also await the day when their well earned reputation will be jeopardized by some shallow accusations or  constraints would be created to hinder their work and tarnish image.

The non intellectuals have this inborn jealousy with intellectuals and they manipulate to win the race to prove their superiority. (Detailed theory in Tall Man Small Shadow) . Intellectuals have no grudge, they happily retreat, since they need not to prove themselves before petty people.

In Disgrace J.M. Coetzee says “He continues to teach because it provides him with a livelihood; also because it teaches him humility, brings it home with him who he is in the world. The irony does not escape him: that the one who comes to teach learns the keenest of lessons, while those who come to learn learn nothing.”

The only thing that matters is what is the cost you are ready to pay for those lessons. Best lessons don't come cheap.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching funded study of race relations provided funds to to Gunnar Myrdal  a Swedish Nobel Laureate in Economics  for conducting his monumental work An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy. His work was quoted in many Judgments by Judiciary of United States of America.

 When the option is to quit or to Act, to Act is definitely the right way.

© Vipin Behari Goyal

Author of  World is Conical

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Old Order Changeth Yielding Place to New

                                                   Socialism in Capitalism

“The old order changeth yielding place to new

And God fulfills himself in many ways

Lest one good custom should corrupt the world

Alfred Tennyson

Joseph Schumpeter in his book 'Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy' (1942) blame Capitalism for incessant revival of economic structure where Old one is replaced by New one incessantly. Some economist finds  his theory of 'Creative Destruction' as a major breakthrough that solves many riddles of the economic trends of the World.

The article published in Washington Post republished in The Hindu (17 Feb 2015) has raised an issue if all destruction is creative or only certain destructions are creative and the rest are just destructive.

There cannot be two opinions that New obliterates Old, either for good or for bad. We can rely on the poetics whenever an ethical question is raised. The intuitive dictum of a poet goes beyond the realm of super specialists viz. Scientist and Economist who are too focused and thus overlook what is obvious. Albert Tennyson says that place is yielded by old for new, thus new is invited and welcomed by old to replace it, so that it may now rest in peace.

The God who is nature or some cosmic power is combination of Light, Energy and Action, which destroys everything that gets redundant and replaces it by New that would sustain to the incessant growth and expansion of universe eventuating Evolution. The Evolution is not restricted to Biological Evolution but is evident in every walk of life, be it Economic, Social or Political.

The example quoted about internet related disruption is rudimentary since it is surprising that why the whole world which is so tiny in comparison to our Galaxy is still not connected by single Wi-Fi system which should be randomly and freely available to all the citizens of Planet Earth. Not only one, but there should be many such systems working simultaneously to avoid any disruption.

The labour productivity should decline with the advancement of technologies. The Drone has just come, and it has already started playing wonders. In recent future it is going to revolutionize whole transport and delivery system. This can be seen as a healthy trend in Economics and the surplus labour can be trained to perform other more productive activities.

Defence consumes a major chunk of World Wealth. Scientist work hard to find precise and effective methods to destroy human civilization. In the process of experiments and trials they have have already started killing Biosphere on Earth. How this destruction is going to enhance creation is yet to be determined.

The catastrophe of the doomsday would prove the prediction of Albert Einstein correct

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” ~Albert Einstein

© Vipin Behari Goyal

Excerpts from his unpublished book  'World is Conical'

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Things Fall Apart

       The Falcon cannot hear the Falconer

Friedman, US, Israel, India

W. B. Yeats says
  “The best lack all conviction, while the worst
   Are full of passionate intensity.”

This is very evident from the latest post by Thomas L. Friedman in New York Times.

He found the statement of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on why the U.S. should get tougher on Iran is churlish, reckless and, for the of Israeli-American relationship, quite dangerous.

Now it is a secondary question if the statement is churlish or the reaction of Friedman is churlish, or it would jeopardize the relationship or strengthen them if ever Israel achieve the sovereignty and statehood that does not depend on any external source and US elects Republican as President.

Some giants are like leeches, they suck petrol, which is tastier than blood, and those leeches have a spokesperson to glamorize their act of lechery by throwing the ashes into eye of others. To every person at the zenith the world appears to be flat while The World is Conical

To say that many University Boards are under pressure to divest from companies doing business with Israel puts a big question mark on the issues of morality and Ethical values of a country which is supposed to be World Super Power today.

When a common American is perplexed to choose a lesser evil (of all-political systems), it is churlish to have a biased opinion about the statement of a Premier of any country vis-a-vis to prospective relationship with the ruling party of that country. The Democrats have consistently failed on the Foreign-Front due to their greed oriented policies.

Mathew Arnold said, “Poetry is the criticism of Life”. When Religion and Philosophy fails, it is the literature that shows the path to the misguided mankind.

Alexander Pope in his poem “Ode to Solitude” says

“Happy the man whose wish and care
A few paternal acres bound
Content to breath his native air,
In his own ground”

Now to appease the Muslim community at large they have come forward as Messiah of Muslim Community by making arbitrary, instigating, irresponsible statements about injustice with them in biggest, secular democratic country of the World.

The Muslim community does not need any lip sympathy of Mr. Obama. They know how the youth of his own creed has fallen  prey to “White-Supremacy”.

William Butler Yeats says

"Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

(In this analogy, the falcon represents society, and the falconer (who should be commanding the falcon) represents God or some equivalent source of intellectual and moral certainty. The falcon’s gyre is supposed to shrink as it comes nearer to the falconer, but instead the gyre is widening, suggesting that man or society is getting farther and farther from our objective or from God.)

US is full of apprehension and does not want to displease China at any cost, where Henry Kissinger has once sown the seeds of certain symbiotic relationship. On the Dias Dalai Lama was recently saluted in a cursory manner as if he is an ordinary Monk and not an incarnated Buddha.

© Vipin Behari Goyal
Excerpts from his unpublished book "World is Conical"

Monday, February 2, 2015

Women in Combat Role

Why Indian Army is afraid of Women in Combat Role

Army, Defense, Women, feminism

It is a surprise that in a democratic country where Executive should be proactive, pragmatic and reformative has become  obsolete, redundant lethargic and corrupt and they need to be directed by Judiciary in the matters that pertain to common sense. The Delhi High Court in 2010 in a judgement directed that women officers in defence services should be given permanent commission. The Hon’ble Court pronounced that it was not some charity being sought, but enforcement of their constitutional rights.

Air Force and Navy were prudent enough to comply with the orders, but Indian Army appealed in the Supreme Court against the judgement of Delhi High Court. The army has given arguments that the bulk of army’s Junior Commissioned Officers and other ranks hail from rural India who are not yet ready to a woman as their leader in combat situations.

It is hard to believe that this argument is given in a country, which is known for women chivalry. Queen of Jhansi Laxmi Bai, Rani Velu Nachiyar, Kitturu Rani Chennamma, Rani Rudrama Devi, Maharani Tara Bai, Chandbibi of Ahmednagar, Rani Abbbakka Devi are some of the women from the recent past of Indian History who gallantly fought wars against British, Portuguese or Mugahals.

The chief of all the armies works under the command of the President of India, who till recently was a woman Mrs. Pratibha Patil. This shows a dichotomy in the philosophy of hierarchy in a system, which we trust to be perfectly operative.

 In M.B.M. Engineering College, Jodhpur girls were not given admission in Mining Branch until last year when a girl appealed to the High Court. Hon'ble High Court rejected all types of funny arguments about the incapability of women and sternly directed the Engineering College to open the branch for willing, meritorious girls.

What is the hostile environment woman may face if given a combat role? They have consistently proved equal or rather better than their male counterparts in all walks of life including Defence Services. It would need a chauvinistic male to deny this fact.

We can do better than that. It is the high time to get rid of prejudices and honourably accept, anything that is just and reasonable.

The Psychosocial analysis of the Women in Combat Role

1. Natural Instinct: It is a natural instinct in all animals to follow women orders. All human beings receive their first commands of life from a woman who is their mother. When they receive a command, a command in a female voice, it is more natural for them to act reflexively. All stimuli received by sense organs are carried to mind which has conditioning. In some services, this conditioning is of prime importance. Once the bonding in stimuli and responses is established it bears many sweet fruits.

2. Better Strategist: The inborn insecurity in women makes them better strategist. They are quick in identifying the weaknesses of enemies and make use of it while forming a strategy for attack. They are also quick to retreat and wait patiently for an opportunity to encounter. Males on the other hand due to their false Ego do not retreat easily and delay in decision causes loss of many lives.

3. Improved E.Q.: Women are quick to adapt themselves in new circumstances. They have stronger Emotional Quotient. This is one of the most essential qualities of the persons in command.

4. Decision Makers: Marketing has become a combat with enhanced commercialization. The Indian Women have proved their excellence as CEO of many multinational companies. They have proved that they are capable of taking correct and timely decision on the important issues.

5. Superior Sixth Sense: This is established fact that women have better sixth sense. Their clairvoyant abilities give a new dimension to the age-old practices in discovering pragmatic ways of accomplishing the mission.

6. Furious in Rage: They are capable of making full use of their will power when enraged. Every woman is said to be Durga or Kali when enraged. This energy is that extra margin that becomes decisive in all combats.

7. An advantage over Pakistan: Presence of Women in Military would definitely make our Army superior to its sworn enemies. Hamza Yusuf, an Islamic scholar, has made several comments about Islam and terrorism. "The Prophet Muhammad said, 'Do not kill women or children or non-combatants and do not kill old people or religious people....'.

8. International Scenario: The United Nations recommends the balance of men to women on military vessels should be 70-30. However, the Navy has obeyed the decision of Delhi High Court, but is still far behind in maintaining the ratio. Eighty one per cent women said they wanted to be in combat roles because it was challenging.

9. Multi Tasking: Women are expert, so far as multi tasking is concerned. In War this is one of the most essential qualities. A troop has its own social dynamics and needs to be handled with diligence. The core values and prioritization helps in handling multi tasking aptly.

10. Identifying the Role: Once given the opportunity to prove themselves apparently they would make all the efforts to define and identify their role in the militia. The preconception of society that Military is male institution is giving way and new seeds that have germinated in the crevices of the igneous rocks are ready to flourish and prosper.


© Vipin Behari Goyal
 Author, Advocate, Feminist

Monday, January 26, 2015

Is World a Museum?

                                            Literature for Social-Transformation

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Amanda in ‘The Glass Menagerie’ (Tennessee Williams) is flabbergasted by her daughter Laura and retorts that there must be more to life than her glass menagerie.

We all can wonder if there is?   Every one of us has his own Glass Menagerie to watch. The name of the wild animal is Homo sapiens but the species are further classified in to extremist, terrorist, druggist, lunatics, capitalist, communist and idealist who are another type of fanatics or fundamentalist.

All onlookers  watch and decide their own role models or to go for a  prototype hitherto unknown to the curator (God?) of this World Museum. Never be afraid of being first of your own type. Though later or sooner you would know how many have already trodden the path chosen by you.

The materialism has so much stereotyped the society that one is easily tempted to be different. Psychological needs compel us to presume that I am different. That decides on which side of Menagerie we are. The uniqueness assigned to anyone by friends and peers is always tinted with some ulterior motives and as soon as it is served one is thrown back on the heap of materialistic mediocrity.

These materialistic mediocre are the only persons who are awed by everything. They always wait for a miraculous opportunity that never knocks on their door. They are gregarious in nature and are herded together in a larger cage in the glass Menagerie of the World. The political leaders see them as hungry Vote Bank who is fond of Day Dreaming. So they make promises that anyone can guess would never be delivered, but hungry always believe promise of bread.

If the Menagerie is divided in just two compartments, we find one is way to too very small in comparison to other. When we compare their wilderness we are astonished to notice that those in smaller cage which has every facility of the world are wilder than the big cage which does not even have bare minimum needs required to survive. They often see perishing weak and out of insecurity propagate rapidly. Oftentimes they are faster than rabbits when commanded in the name of religion.

Now travelling has become an industry and tourist select the country on the basis of Museum they are interested in. There are Cultural Museums, Monumental or Historical Museums, Modern Museums, Spiritualistic Museums and so on and so forth.

Tourist visiting India have following items on their itinerary:

1.Taj Mahal- History
2.Benaras- Spiritualism
3.One Metropolitan city-modern culture
4. Village Safari
5. Camel/Elephant Safari
6. One Indian marriage
7. One Yoga Camp
8. One Sadhu/ Guru
9. Pictures of slums and poverty
10. Pictures in Sari

Likewise the conducted tours of Europe  shows the glimpses of famous touristic places like Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Big Ben, Westminster, Pisa, Vatican and Venice. The tourist get a feel of the place but develop no insight into the culture of the country.

No one is bothered about a healthy debate on values of different countries and their prioritisation on international level to have uniformity in Value- System that is ideal for coming generations of Global Village.

In Worldis Conical the top-notch people are responsible for most of the ailments World is suffering today. They control the world, the best-off  1%  who already have 48% of the world wealth and would soon have 99% of world health(World Economic Forum 2015 at Davos) are the people who have made the world a museum.

The authors who create literature can be instrumental in preserving culture and spearhead the social transformation in proper direction, but alas they have become escapist and writing 'Boy meets Girl' type of stories.

© Vipin Behari Goyal

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mood Swings and Creative Persons

Bipolar are Just Cross Legged Persons


 It is by default that all creative persons have frequent mood swings. It is the price they pay for the gift of God. The persons affected by their mood swing viz. their family members and friends, reconcile with them with a heavy heart without any mention of it.

1. It’s not a Psychiatric problem.  You are lost in a jugglery of words having complicated interpretations of day-to-day words like anxiety, depression, euphoria that would sound as serious psychological disorders. It is not a sickness so there is no remedy for it. Any type of medication could be addictive. So it is better to make use of both the types of mood.

2. It mostly has a duration, like a pendulum or a swing; the velocity and duration have a fixed pattern. One can even maintain a diary to identify the pattern of cycle of occurrence of swing. Water is one of the major constituents of our body. Like oceans have tides due to phases of the moon, the mood swings are like tides governed by our inner moon. Remember IQ84 by Murakami. The whole book revolves round the theory of  “Two Moon”. The Author has given very fine symbolic narration of situations under which the characters see two moons in the sky.

3. The intensity of the swing is very important. It may depend on whether you resist or give up to it. You have to evolve a strategy to win it over. The awareness is a useful instrument. Everyone is best judge of his mood if he or she is aware of it. The famous book “An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness” by Kay Redfield Jamison is good for those who are comfortable with technical details of the things.

4. Unfortunately, much literary fiction about characters suffering from mood swing is not written. May be because most of the writers also suffer from it so they take it as a normal human behaviour. Only those who do not utilize the energy transformation of mood swing fall in the trap and slide unrestrained.

5. One may think that swings happen for no reason. But it is not so. Sometimes the activity that sets the ball rolling is apparent, often it is hidden. A scene in a movie, a dialogue or even a word from a friend or relative, a novel that you are reading, a dream, an innocent remark or even a compliment may have a connotation in your mind to open the floodgates that would drown you in emotions.

6. Benevolent and generous people are more prone to mood swings. These qualities need to be nurtured. If one constantly ignores the impulses of generosity it leads to self-condemnation or self-pity. Little effort is required to pull the strength and go out in search of a person who needs your help. If he is not on the first corner around, he is definitely on the second.

7. The creativity has numerous outlets. The writers, painters, musicians, dancers, architects and designers are popular forms of creative arts, but the list is endless. Technology has expanded the span up to infinity.

8. Three Boxes Theory: We know what is to be found in the two boxes on the right and left (being Bipolar), but the middle box is the surprise. Something different is always coming out of it. That’s the impulsive box, about which no prediction can be made. Society craves for predictability; mature and prudent people always condemn anything unpredictable. They have no objection so far as someone is diagnosed as BP and is taking treatment for it; they only want to snatch away the middle box. 

9. Moods have no gender bias. They affect male and females equally. Some people are able to face it squarely, overcome it and are known for their creativity. We know that many creative and talented people have ruined their life since they were not able to cope up with their mood swings. Females may pretend a weakness to seek support and attention and male pretend to be strong and supportive for the same reason. It is a myth that Females are more emotional and thus more prone to mood swings. In patriarchal society male has an ulterior motive to  serve by keeping woman weak.

10. The role of chemistry has been yet not fully explored. The secretions of the endocrine glands are called Hormones, which are chemicals. The secretion is an involuntary function so human beings are at the vagaries of the mood. The science of Yoga describes six plexus or chakras that control the working of endocrine glands. If the process is learnt under guidance of a teacher, you will surely be a master of your moods.

© Vipin Behari Goyal
 Author, Spiritual Counselor

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Does Utilitarianism Concedes Terrorism

"World is Conical" (Part ii)

Terrorism,Paris Attack, violence,war

The whole community could be wrong in perceiving a fact. Majority cannot be the criterion for determination of Truth. Many of the notions with the advancement of civilization have changed drastically and taboos turn into fad and superstitions are proved scientifically.

What is condemned today is revered tomorrow. What is mutiny for one country is revolution for another country. Why someone had to say Everything is fair in Love and War. And War there is, since Love is also having all the ingredients of war. The purpose is to gain a victory which is a stepping stone for Happiness.

According to John Stuart Mill  happiness is the sole basis of morality, and that people never desire anything but happiness. The people's achievement of goals and ends, such as virtuous living, should be counted as part of their happiness. The determination of Goal is a prerogative of all individuals, communities, cultures, ethnic groups and organizations. The rights of unorganized sectors are usually ignored by capitalists who configures Spherical Excess of this Spherical Triangle called World.

The unorganized sector has a hidden agenda. It needs to be discussed with an open mind and resolved with compassion. Instead of that the Capitalist Cruel Cons (CCC) draw sadistic pleasure in not only making Poor Poorer but also in making them crawl for meager means of survival.

Moreover, they feel offended if oppressed try to unite or try to draw the attention of the World towards their problem. The problems all over the World have become complicated by external intervention. The intervention is not with the pious objective of resolving a problem, but with some ulterior motive of taking advantage of some God gift like Oil or Diamonds or for selling weapons which also indirectly helps in occupying natural resources.

This greed is the sole cause of violence the humanity is facing today.

Fire and Ice
Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.
Remember what Robert Frost said in his Poem "Fire and Ice"

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

Sun Tzu in his book 'Art of War' says

"Emerge from the void, strike at vulnerable points, shun places that are defended, attack in unexpected quarters"

"Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected."

Even if despite Police protection, several threatening and  warnings the attackers succeed, despite a Police cordon one can escape it raises doubt about who is more organized and intelligent. If we have a history of appeasement the morale of law enforcement agency is already jeopardized.

Every one has a right to be more sensitive than others on certain issues. When advantage of this weakness is taken by one agency to earn popularity and money, it opens the door for another party to exploit your vulnerability. How the pain of one could be different from the pain of another when all shoes are pinching.

Mill in Utilitarianism says "The sentiments of justice, in that one of its elements which consists of the desire to punish, is thus, I conceive, the natural feeling of retaliation or vengeance, rendered by intellect and sympathy applicable to those injuries, that is, to those hurts, which wound us through, or in common with, society at large."

He concludes "Things appear either just or unjust, according to the light in which they are regarded."
What if we retrospect with an open mind and identify the acts that are responsible for our present situation, we may acknowledge the choices and free will Sartre talks about were not only applicable to individuals but nations also.

© Vipin Behari Goyal

Excerpts from his unpublished book "World is Conical"

Friday, January 9, 2015

Make -Up Your Break-Up

The worst is Over: Make -Up your Break-Up©

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Makeup is multidimensional phenomenon and you have to exhaust all possible aspects of it to get rid of the hangover of break up.
Easier said than done. So far there was a hope "Everything is going to turn out fine", "It is a temporary phase, we would come out of it", "We will forgive and forget", "Happy days are just around the corner", "It's a nightmare. It's not real" was the game you were playing with your mind.

Here are few remedies:

1. Allow Precipitation:

It takes time to precipitate. The more you were caught in the whirlwind the more time it is likely to take. The world was not spinning, you just imagined it. When precipitation is over you can see the things clearly. You may exclaim "Oh, My God, was I blind not to see it before. No you were not! You were just caught in the spell of a Magician.

Learn to play tricks of Magician here.

2. Travel Far and Wide:

The farther you go, better you would feel. Antarctica is not a great destination. Choose a country which is rich in history, culture and social values. A poor country would change your perspective. You will be amazed how people are coping with the failures of life. Travel like a traveler and not like a tourist. Even if you are rich travel by ordinary means of transport, stay in cheaper lodges and mingle with local people.

If the country has spiritual heritage, it could change you dramatically and drastically.

Read one story here

3. Pull or Push:

To come out of the situation you are strangled in, either you have to Push or Pull. It is not an ordinary dilemma, but a Metaphysical one. The option is to choose between "Free Will" and "Determinism". Either take the responsibility for the situation you are in or accept it as your destiny.

You can read how it affects your life here.

4. Paper has more patience than People:

Pen it down ! Whatever, and of course whatever is your exact feelings, pen them down. Do not relive those moments, you are already over them. Be a spectator and see what happened as a third person. It is Catharsis and it is going to calm down your nerves.

5. Read Best Literature:

 Read the best literature of the World. Ultimately a book will land in your hands that would give you more solace than anything you have tried so far.

Some of the best books are "The end of affair " by Graham Green "Licks of Love" by John Updike and "The company she keeps" by Mary McCarthy. Read some Philosophical books like "Why bad things happen to good people" by Harold Kushner and "Notes from the underground" by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

What else Make-Up means:

The most simple meaning is to apply Cosmetics especially to the face. So do that. It is strange. You are melancholic but a light make up would enhance your beauty. Otherwise also, human look more glamorous when desolate. Gloom is aesthetic emotion. You have a chance to test the aesthetics of the people around you.

Second, Make-Up means  'be reconciled after a quarrel'. Though you have already ruled out this possibility and have made up your mind that you can not be together even if you are the only Homo  Sapiens left on Earth. Despite our all despise the chance exists.

Third, Make Up for lost time. It's ages since you lost contact with your real world. You have ignored your friends and  relatives who really cared for you, for a stranger. Its high time you patch up with them. They would understand, or maybe they would care more. Also make up for lost time with your hobbies. Read the half finished book with a mark, waiting eagerly to be touched by you. Take care of your garden that once you reared so carefully. Mow the lawn, weed out as you have weeded out memories, water the plants and talk to your favorite trees. Say sorry that you ignored them all the while.

Most important meaning of Make-Up is 'the physical, mental, and moral character of a person'. So this is the Acid Test of your character.

Its high time you prove yourself.

© Vipin Behari Goyal
Excerpts from his Book "The Worst is Over"
Author is also Advocate at Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur